Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Free Software for Linux and OS X

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I'm posting this slightly off topic note to let people know that today, Tuesday, October 28th, there's a program that's available for free that normally costs
$40-$100. It's for Mac OS X and Linux -- it's called CrossOver, and there's an application version and a game version for Linux and OS X.

What the software does is allow you to run Windows applications or games inside Linux or OS X just like it was a normal program for that operating system (at those speeds, anyway). It'll be as fast as running in boot camp (more or less), but you can run windows only applications (or games) from within Linux or OS X without doing anything but clicking on the icon to fire it up like normal. It's not virtualization like vmware, and it's not like rebooting into boot camp. For those familiar with the WINE project for linux, this is an extension of that.

In any case, even if this doesn't sound particularly useful at the moment, I'd suggest you download the appropriate versions for your operating system, because this is a one day only deal. They're giving it away because the price of gas is so low, and they made a bet back when gas was $4 a gallon that if it hit $2.86 a gallon (or something like that), they'd give their software away for free, and they're holding true to their word.

Anyway, here's the link to download the versions you'll need:

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