Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great drawing/painting resource

I found a new site recently called "I Draw Girls" -- but he draws a whole lot more than just girls. Among other things, he draws cartoony characters, landscape type portraits, guns, mecha, manga and some pretty fierce beasts. Most of it with some very good commentary, and all of it (that I've seen) very useful.

Here are a couple of sample videos from his site/portfolio:

Draw a cartoon bunny. An angry one, at that.

Profile of woman's face with helmet

Iron Man

Waterfall Concept Environment Scene

As you can see, he's pretty diverse and pretty talented. The other thing I really like about his stuff is that he uses a number of different tools -- Photoshop (of course) but also things like Manga Studio and Gimp (which is a nice, free, open source alternative to Photoshop).

Anyway, check out his site and get to drawing :)