Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where I've been... and microstock.

I went from posting nearly every day to missing 6 months... a great deal has happened in that 6 months... first off, the holidays... then my wife having a beautiful baby girl, and then... well, anyone who's had a brand new baby in the house (especially with a 3 year old sibling) will tell, you get *real* busy those first few months...

I've all but given up on cafepress... despite a strong initial effort, my sales were disappointing, and then my best seller got nixed because it mentioned Chuck Norris (even though it was a direct quote from a presidential candidate) and that pretty much knocked the rest of the cafepress steam out of me... at least for now...

However... I have been spending my spare time being creative in the microstock world, as some of you may have noticed from the banners and images at the top and bottom of my blog. I've actually had a decent amount of success, IMHO. I've been doing it for right at 3 months and earned just under $70 between the 2 main sites that I'm working with, Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

Never heard of Microstock? Well, here's the idea in a nutshell... stock photography is when someone needs a picture of something for their website/billboard/whatever and they don't want to go out and hire a photographer to take a bunch of pictures... so they go to one of the several popular stock photography sites and they find the right picture and buy it for a small fee, anywhere from a few dollars on up, depending on how they plan to use it. But it's not just for photography, as you'll see from my images -- there's a great deal of non-photographs, in fact.

I'm probably going to change the focus of this blog to reflect my experience in the microstock world as well as tips and tricks for people interested in looking into the whole thing.

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