Saturday, December 08, 2007

New designs

Here are 4 new designs for my cafepress shop. 2 of them are in there now, and 2 of them will be in there soon. Here are all 4 nonetheless. They're all relating to being pregnant and the goofy questions that go along with it. While I've never been pregnant, my wife is nearing the end of her second pregnancy (due in about 4 weeks) and she tells me all the questions people ask. Some of the designs are based on those, some are made up. I'm not really at liberty to say which is which :) but I suspect people will enjoy these. Okay, I'll say anyway :) The first one should be pretty obvious... you'd be surprised how often people ask if you're having twins and when you tell them you're not, they ask if you're sure. You'd really be surprised. The next happens when people ask when you're due and when you tell them, they step back, wide eyed, and look really surprised. Again, happens more than you think. The last two relate to people seeing you're pregnant and just putting their hands on you. I wouldn't say it happens more than you think, but it happens, and if you're guilty of that, at least ask first ;-)

Anyway... hope you like them, feel free to comment. Clicking on the first two will show you the designs in place, and I'll implement that on the other two when they're up. For now, click on the last two will take you to the maternity section of the shop.

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