Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Does that make me crazy?

I was listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning coming back from taking my son to the sitter today... they had a segment called "Does that make me crazy" where they had people call in and tell what their habits were and then everyone would vote as to whether or not that made them crazy.

One lady had to keep cabinet doors closed... all of them... even ones that weren't hers. Next, there was a lady who bleached her feet before taking a bath. Like, spray on the bleach and clean 'em off nice before the bath. Then, the lady who cleaned her bathroom rug on Monday and wouldn't walk on it until "late Wednesday night" -- she said she always waited 2 days before using it. She said she "did the same thing with the trash" whatever that means. Wacky. Then there was the girl who had a thing about hot air balloons - she said she would have to pull over and find another way to work if she saw one. Said that a person standing in a basket, floating in the air just made her skin crawl. She said that it was really disturbing.

While I didn't listen long enough to see who "won" -- something is certainly really disturbing :-)

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